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Sammie began writing in 1996. She always enjoyed reading romance novels so it was natural for her to begin writing them too. Sammie doesn't stop with novels. She has also published several health related articles and short stories.

Sammie Ward presents her fourth novel, "It's in the Rhythm". R&B singer Garrett  Martindale is at the top of the music charts. The son of a Baptist preacher, he  travels home for a relaxing two weeks, but finds the trip is far from relaxing. Don't miss this great story. Get it today in our online bookstore.

In June, 2006, Sammie Ward was recognized as the Literary Diva in Heather Covington's book and one of the Top 100 Admired African-American Women in Literature. She was recently named Best New Romance Writer of 2006 by the Disilgold Literary Network Association.

Visit Sammie at www.ladyleopublishing.com

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Astrella Celeste

Astrella Celeste, "the 60's
love child with a 21st century
spirit" and daughter of
Donovan (Mellow Yellow,
Catch the Wind,
Autobiography of Donovan:
Hurdy Gurdy Man
) chatted
with LeRue Press during her
visit to New York. She is
promoting her EP release of
Dream and The Way We Are. 
Following are excerpts from
that conversation:

LRP:  Are you enjoying your
         visit to the US?
AC: Yeah, the weather’s
       lovely today. 

LRP: Are you getting some
       time to “vacation” a
AC: Not really as much as
      I’d like. We might visit
      the Empire State Building.

LRP: Where will you will be
       performing in New York
       this week?
AC: On the 26th (June) I’ll be
      at the Cutting Room.
      I’ll also be doing a
      performance for the
      World Wildlife Fund,
      The Morning Show on
      ABC World News and Fox.

LRP: What would you say
        inspires you to write
        the lyrics for your
AC: I’m a lover of poetry. My
      father (Donovan) wrote poetry. I
      love Agatha Christie and
      the old classics.

LRP: Do you find it easier to
        perform the songs
        when you’ve written
        them too?
AC: A little bit in a funny way.
      It’s often easier…I know
      the words. But there are
      a couple of songs I love
      singing like Kiss (written
      by Hunter/Graham).

LRP: I understand you and
      Kevin Hunter wrote the
      songs on the Blue Star
      EP.  Is it easier to write
      alone or with someone
AC: It’s the first time I’ve
      ever written with anyone.
      My father never wrote
      with anyone. I grew up
      with that philosophy.
      Then I met Kevin Hunter…

LRP: In a collaborative effort,
       do you write together
       or separately and then
       combine your work?
AC: It starts off…I fiddle
      around on the piano.
      We get a melody then
      introduce a lyric. He
      (Kevin) comes up with
       bits then I come up with
       something. In the
       beginning, we work in
       the same location then
       after we get a start…
       with modern technology
       we add bits and pieces.

LRP: You’ve been singing
      most of your life; how
      long have you actually
      been writing the lyrics
      for your songs?
AC: The first song I wrote,
     I was with my Dad. Then
     after that, I was 16…
     mostly poetry.

LRP: And now you have a
     children’s book in the
AC: Yes, my sister (Oriole
     Nebula), myself and my
     niece (Coco Ryder). It’s
     called Coco’s Rainbow.

LRP: I believe I read your
    Dad had written some
    children’s books some
    years ago, correct?
AC: He had children’s albums.
     He may edit the book
    (Coco’s Rainbow).
     We’re thinking about a
     series… or doing them

LRP: How would you compare
     writing the children’s book
     to writing lyrics?
AC: In a way, with children’s
     books, it’s like lyrics, with
     a little of the rhyming and
     rhythm.  It’s good to be
     simple with a children’s
     book. Lyrics are
     sometimes a little more

LRP: How much time do you
     spend writing; whether
     it’s lyrics or your venture
     into books?
AC: All the time. I’m always
      doing something.

LRP: That may have
      answered my next
      question. Do you find it
      easier to write “on the
      run”…or do you prefer
      a particular place when
      you write?
AC: If I have a choice, then I
      do shut myself away. I
      usually write at night. I
      need my 9 hours of sleep
      though. I shut myself
      away in my little music,
      writing room, you know.

LRP: Do you have any advice
      for our writers that may
      want to write lyrics?
AC: Yeah, I suppose I would
      tell them I got myself a
      dictionary and a rhyming
      dictionary. You’ll find
      when you’re writing,
      using the dictionary gives
      you ideas. I found having
      it really helped.

In addition to touring,
Astrella was included in the
Multiple Sclerosis 2006 Music
Fest Compilation  CD
(the Montel Williams MS
. You can see
and hear more of Astrella on
her My Space website at
astrellaceleste.  Her latest
release, the Blue Star EP can
be purchased online. For a
list of locations, go to

© 2007 LeRue Press,
    all rights reserved












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