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What's In a Name?

 A couple in Maine, so goes the tale
 Had babies three and each one a male.
 But, dismayed and upset
 They resolved to beget
 A daughter and prayed not to fail.
 "We will honor both Nanas," they'd say.
 Nine months later arrived, "Elsie Mae."
 The poor babe had no voice
 To protest such a choice
 But her wails could be heard miles away.
 It seems Borden's was pleased, so we heard,
 A fine 'Elsie' they had in their herd,
 They promoted the name
 Into nation-wide fame
 So well-known it became a catch- word.
 The girl child rebelled, so it's said
 And each Borden commercial she'd shred.
 Small wonder the lass
 Wept, "it's crass and not class!"
 And dubbed herself, L.C, instead.

2007 Elsie O'Day