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Traditional Publishing

Whatever your publishing needs, we're here to help. 
Looking for a publisher for your book?
Want to self-publish?
Need help with promotion?

Self-published authors who need assistance in the publishing process, give us a call at 775-356-1004 or go to self-publishing information.

We are closed to submissions for traditional inquires except through referral or agent requests.

We take books on consignment in our bookstore.

We provide consultations regarding marketing/promotion and distribution. The first 1/2 hour is free. We will discuss possible options based on your book and your goals for it and for you.

We encourage developing a hard-core marketing plan. We charge $50 for the first hour (after your free 1/2 hour) and $35/hr prorated after that. We have done this and can help if you want to invest in yourself.

LeRue Press (LRP) has been in the publishing business since 2000. We love books, we love to read new, enthusiastic writers' works and we enjoy seeing a new author when they can actually hold THEIR book in their hands for the first time.

We believe every author deserves a chance. We also know how hard you have to work, not only to write your book but to find the right publisher for it. We cannot publish everyone (though we would love to try). We must be selective when we choose our manuscripts and authors.

If you have a manuscript you would like us to consider, please be sure you have taken the time to rewrite and have someone else edit it for you.  We expect the grammar usage to be appropriate for the work you have written.

We do not accept pornography, but we know many authors will TASTEFULLY work appropriate sexual content into their manuscript. Please check your work for spelling. Absolutely use spell check but also, have a human being check it. Spell check often misses words with many meanings. When you e-mail us, please use proper capitalization and punctuation. Remember, this is our first experience with your writing style. You want to put your best work up front.

For our publication, What's the Story?, we accept articles from new or seasoned writers. If you like to review books, sign up and we will send you the criteria and deadlines.

♦Send an e-mail to lrp at lrpnv dot com (using @ sign and all one word)

*Restrictions apply.

For detailed submission guidelines, click here.

The Altered I by April Voytko Kempler

Released in Ebook and print in 2013

Monte's Lost Colony by Chuck Bedell

Released in E-book and print 2013

Bad Hair Days by D.C. Paull

Released October 23, 2010

Inked In by Karlyn Simone

Released October 23, 2010

Naming Your Baby by Ruby Szudajski

Released October 23, 2010

Synaptic Traffic by Benjamin Arnold

Released October 23, 2010

Wicked Tides by Sean Kinsley

Released October 23, 2010

Fractals of Past by Benjamin Arnold

Released November 6, 2009

Life in a Limerick by Ruby Szudajski and Janice Hermsen

Released December 23, 2009

Pick Me, Pick Me by Elizabeth Horton, Illustrated by Sean Kinsley

Released March, 2008

Parallel to Paradise: Addiction and Other Love Stories by Laura Newman

Released in 2013 in Ebook and in print.






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