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Are you an author? Would you like to have your book mentioned on The Book Hound Radio Show?

For only $10, you could have your book mentioned on The Book Hound ! If youíd like more consistent exposure, which most authors know is what it takes to drive readers to their books, for only $35/month, you can have it mentioned 4 times a month on the Book Hound Show. 

Thatís right, for only $35, our host, Janice Hermsen, will mention your book on the air during each show. If you choose to send a review copy, co-host, Dennis DuPerault may even do a brief review. LeRue Press, sponsor of the show, will include reviews of select books in their magazine, The LeRue Review. Donít miss this opportunity to get your book in readerís hands!

For an additional $25, we will add a 60 second commercial dedicated JUST to your book.

Donít miss your chance to be part of The Book Hound. Readers are listening! Let them know about your book today. Call 849-3814 today!


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Are you a listener that just loves books? Let us know what genres you enjoy! Contact us! We love to hear from you. Looking for a book or author? Let The Book Hound hunt it down for you!

Are you an author? Are you a business that has promoted using a book as one of your tools? We want to talk to you!

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We're on the air every week talking to authors and sharing their stories. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, we want to know more about you, your book and what you do.

Let people know who you are

Contact Janice at janiceh at (using the @ sign, of course).

Dan Poynter, Author of over 100 books, Janice Hermsen, Host of The Book Hound
Randy Becker, President of NexTV


Tim Schroeder, Author of The Legend of Eagle Rock


Jonell Kirby Cash, Author of A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance
Bill Valentine, Author of Mustang's Last Ride


Saul Weber, Author of A Lesson My Cat Taught Me
Aida Goldfin, Artist for Strength and Courage by her son, Matthew Elias Goldfin
Janice Hermsen and Jennifer Brewster, Host and Co-Host of The Book Hound


99.1 Fox News FM Talk Radio and Nevada Matters airing every week

Janice Hermsen is hosting the author focused show on 99.1 FM Talk Radio, Nevada Matters. But the show is catering to authors across the nation.

Janice is the editor for The LeRue Review Magazine, a Featured Contributor in the Business and Finance section for Yahoo! and has a column focused on the mortgage market on Ms Hermsen is also a judge for Dan Poynter's 2nd Annual Global eBook Awards in 2012.

She and her business partners have been helping authors at LeRue Press (formerly Publishing from the Heart) since 1999. The radio show is designed to feature both new and seasoned authors and businesses that use books to promote themselves. Because they also review music, movies and art in The LeRue Review Magazine, you may also hear some interviews with musicians, producers and artists or photographers occasionally.

In addition to talking to authors, listen for our "Book Mentions". If you're looking for new books to read, we are hunting down some good choices.

And don't forget, we welcome recommendations. Send your pick to janiceh at Then listen and see if The Book Hound agrees with your choice.

Nevada Matters and authors matter to us whether you're in
Nevada or anywhere in the world!

Always...Publishing from the Heart!

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 Listen    Benjamin Arnold interview      


       Benjamin Arnold, author of Synaptic Traffic

 Listen    Karlyn & Sean Interview


             Karlyn Simone, author of Inked In
          Sean Kinsley, author of Wicked Tides

Listen Eddie Floyd and Dennis Duperault

   Eddie Floyd, author of Final Breath
        Dennis DuPerault, author of Auto Emotions 101

Listen Pat Holland Conner, D.C. Paull and
                          Rob Boyd interviews

             Pat Holland Conner, Author of
               Doorways to Significance
           D.C. Paull, Author of Girl Friday Series
          Rob Boyd, Author of The Streets Don't
          Love You Back and Never Hit a Woman

  Listen Jeff Pfeiffer, Dana Hall and Fran
                            Levow Interview

Jeff Pfeiffer, Author of In His Father's Footsteps         
   Dana Hall, Co-Author of My MS Journey
Faye Levow, Author of OMG! My Parents Are Getting Old!

Listen  Matt Bayan interview

      Matt Bayan, Author of Eat Fat, Be Healthy

Listen    Janie Johnson & Aimee Elizabeth

Janie Johnson, Author of Don't Take My Lemonade Stand and Obama
2012 Slogans Rewritten
Janice Hermsen, Host of The Book Hound
Aimee Elizabeth, Author of Poverty Sucks: How I Became a Self-Made Millionaire


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