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Who we are

In 2010, LeRue Press published 6 authors. They were unknown to most people unless you were a friend or family.
Each one has a unique skill, talent or vision that they want to share. Our job is to let others know about them and many
others like them. Our first annual Book Blast brought hundreds of people and generated hundreds of book sales for
our authors.  In addition, we continue to promote their books and workshops and book interviews for them.

If you are reading this, you are either someone looking for a good speaker to attend your event or function or perhaps to
interview one for an article, television show or radio program. You also might be an author, artist or individual that has a
skill or talent that you are trying to share.

You are in the right place. LeRue Press is aggressive in its marketing efforts. We work very hard to emphasize
the quality of each person that shares the space on these pages. Each one has something to offer. We hope to match
you with the audience you are trying to reach.

To obtain more information about our services, click here.

To learn more about our speakers, review the list below. Click on the author/artist for more information or to contact them.

Type of Speaker:

D.C.Paull, Author, Vice President of Banking
Janice Hermsen, Author, former Financial Advisor, Mortgage Banker, Publisher, Motivational Speaker. How to Publish and Promote Your Book(s).
Benjamin Arnold, Author, Teacher, Poetry Slam Organizer, Write Your Life Workshop
Elizabeth Horton, Author, Teacher, Vice-Principal,
Sean Kinsley, Author, Game Champion, Illustrator, Former TV host
Karlyn Simone, Author, Inspirational speaker for younger children. Wrote her book at 14 years old
Sammie Ward
Cleveland W. Gibson
Ted Anthony Roberts, Musketeer Specialty (not the disney type)
Bill Robinson
John McGuire
Brieanna Robertson
Hank Sosnowski





Category of Expertise:

Banking and Finance
D.C.Paull, Author, Vice President of Banking, Fraud, Scams
Janice Hermsen, Author, former Financial Advisor, Mortgage Banker

Benjamin Arnold, Author, Teacher, Poetry Slam Organizer, Write Your Life Workshop
Elizabeth Horton, Author, Teacher, Vice-Principal,

Sean Kinsley
Illustrating for Children's Books

Inspirational Speakers
D.C. Paull
Janice Hermsen
Benjamin Arnold
Karlyn Simone
Brieanna Robertson

Benjamin Arnold
Janice Hermsen

Memoir Writing Workshop/Speaker
Benjamin Arnold





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