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Janice Hermsen

Text Box: Sammie Ward



More Than A Romance Novel!
“It’s In the Rhythm”

 Yes, this is a Romance Novel, but let’s take it into the realm of family. 
 It has all the twists and turns that we face on a daily basis.  Trinity
 Blake is torn by the love of one man and the hope of love from another. 
 Tamara can’t share her news with the family.  How can Garret, a singer
 at the top of his music career, keep the women and the rhythm in his
 life?  “It’s In the Rhythm” is worth your time to read and enjoy!

 This is Sammie Ward’s fourth engaging novel. 
In June, 2006 Sammie
 Ward was recognized as a LITERARY DIVA in Heather Covington’s book,
 and one of the top 100 ADMIRED AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN in
 Literature.  She was recently named Best New Romance Writer of 2006
 by the Disilgold Literary Network Association.

 Find out more about Sammie Ward and “It’s In the Rhythm” at
 www.leruepress.com and www.ladyleopublishing.com.

  Check out LeRue Press LLC on the web at www.leruepress.com

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