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Genre: Youth Fiction
Whale Song
Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Reviewed by Nicole Harris, Allbooks Reviews

This short novel starts with a young girl of eleven years old. As the book progresses, she grows in age, heart and spirit. After moving from her wonderful home in Wyoming, United States to a house located in Bamfield, Vancouver Island she almost instantly fell in love with the ocean and everything around it. However, when school finally started in the fall, she quickly came to the conclusion that not everybody appreciated her moving to the new town. Throughout her early teenage years, she learned to battle racism, bullying and death.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif has a very unique writing style. Iíve never read a book which such a small vocabulary but in such an effective way. At first, her style seemed somewhat young, but as the book progressed I noticed that she intended it to be that way. She didnít need a strong writing technique to get her message across- Overall, a very genuine piece of writing.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada but after being an Ďarmy bratí and an Ďarmy wifeí for many years she has now settled in Edmonton, Alberta. She lives with her husband, daughter and dog and writes her novels from the beauty of her own home. She is a full-time mystery author who, photojournalist Heather Andrews Miller, has said  to be Ďa gem in the literary world.í

Overall, this novel about everyday dilemmas and stories from the Indian perspective is comforting. It shows us all that no matter what happens, things can be good again if you have the heart to just keep trying. Recommended: Young teenage girls would instantly click with this creative but effective novel.


Publisher: Kunati Inc.
ISBN: 978-60164-007-9
Price: $12.95
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