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Genre: Historical Fiction
Of Dreams and Nightmares
AUTHOR:  Shirley A. Roe

Passionate, gutsy, persistent…Martha McGuire's determination and fighting spirit pervades the pages and follows you into your life.  An English heiress sold as wife to a ruthless widower pioneer with three sons, Martha finds the Dreams of her future turn into Nightmares of reality imprisoned in the life of an American pioneer.  Martha is sought by her childhood friend and unmet brother-in-law who know the true nature of the man who deceived Martha's father into the arranged marriage.  Will these two men find Martha in the uncharted wilderness that is the American West?  And if they do, what then?  Will her dishonest husband grant Martha freedom?  And what of Martha's innocent stepsons?  And the soured land deal back in England?  Join Shirley as she knits a tale tighter than the stitches in Martha's hoarded wool scarf.

Shirley's pace and passion of her prose envelops the reader in her world.  The determination and spirit of the characters are palpable in the rhythm of the pages.  Plot points reveal themselves throughout the novel slowly threaded together with Masterful Stitches.  The reader realizes the tailor fitted creation evident in Shirley's work as both theme and media.  Shirley handles prose as her heroine Martha creates with fabric!

As managing editor of Allbooks Reviews and CEO of her business administration/accounting business, Canadian author Shirley A. Roe is as diverse as her writing.  Having won several awards for both poetry and business articles, Shirley assures us that Martha McGuire is just the first of many intriguing characters that we will be introduced to in the near future.

A thorough and satisfying novel, that lingers with the reader long after completion.  Highly Recommended. Reviewer: Anita Kuno, Allbooks Reviews.

 Publisher: Publish America,  ISBN: 1-4137-4337-4
Pages: 255 Price: $21.95
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Review-Of Dreams & Nightmares