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         Keeping Up With The Joneses by P.  R. Hawkins

         Risa James had everything except a love life.  When she meets JD Jones-
         instant  fireworks! But he had five over-protective sisters.  Does Risa have what
         it takes to Keep Up With the Joneses?


       Sex on the 2nd Floor: or anywhere else you can get it!  by Jazz Catrell

      When Jessica met Travis her mundane sex life went to a full escalation of
      heated passion. Was this real or does Jessica have a  vivid imagination?
      Will she succumb to the heated passion that lies deep in her  soul?

      The book can be purchased wherever books are sold! Jazz Catrell lives in St.
      Louis with her family.


          Wet by Joylynn M. Jossel

         Tye and Wade are inseparable identical twin brothers.  Will  their love
         for the same woman break their bond? Rhain Garett  becomes the number one
         suspect in a murder case involving an unusual love triangle.