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   Welcome to LeRue Press, LLC
                                                  We love books! Self-Published
                                                      or Traditionally Published!

      We're glad you dropped by to see us.
    We have a number of opportunities
 for writers. If you have written a book and are
    self published OR traditionally published, check

    out our book agreement. We'd love to help you
    promote your b
ook also!  If you are in the market for an
    audio book...stop the presses....that's next on the
    drawing board! We're very excited about our growth. Join
    us by filling out a book agreement and a promotional
    inquiry! There is no cost for either one. You only pay
    if we sell your book or come to an agreement for
    promotion. Happy writing...and reading, of course!

   Check out our press releases.

   Enjoy the interview with Astrella Celeste,
   middle daughter of Donovan,
   (Catch the Wind, Mellow Yellow,
   Autobiography of Donovan: Hurdy
  Gurdy Man) who took time from her busy
  schedule to chat with us about her upcoming
  release of Coco’s Rainbow…a family project.
                       Read the interview

    If you love to read, don't miss our
bookstore. We have a number of
   great books you won't want to miss.
   Or if  you like collectibles, check out
   our selection of
used books.

 For those of you who are politically
    motivated, Terry Szudajski has written
    an inspiring poem (the Alamo) regarding
    Vietnam. It's a must read. 

   Check out some of our authors who have e-toured with us.
   Happy writing and great reading!
  Marie Friesen-Editor


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