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Go Girl Friday and Pick Me, Pick Me will be traveling again soon. Go Girl Friday by DC Paull has been in many cities around the world already. We’re now looking to pair up Sara of Go Girl Friday and Miguel of Pick Me, Pick Me. (We think Miguel needs a chaperone to travel the world.) Can you help? Elizabeth Horton, author of  Pick Me, Pick Me recently visited China. (Picture coming soon!) We’re hoping to give both characters a


Earlier this year, Elizabeth Horton and Sean Kinsley attended book signings in Carson City and Reno, NV.


At the reception in Reno, LeRue Press announced it would be giving away ten copies of Pick Me, Pick Me to the Washoe County School District. Following are some of the schools who will receive a copy of the book:


1)Alice Smith Elementary

2)Elizabeth Dunn Elementary

3)Marvin Moss Elementary

4)Echo Loader Elementary

5)Huffaker Elementary

6)Donner Creek Elementary


Two additional books were donated in the name of Terri Stucky to Washoe County Schools. 


Pick Me, Pick Me was inspired by a child in Ms. Horton’s first grade

class.  Elizabeth tells us she was also inspired by Oprah who encouraged everyone to reach for their dreams. She took it seriously and submitted to many publishers before finding LeRue Press.


Working together, Elizabeth, Sean and LeRue Press encountered many obstacles before finally publishing Pick Me, Pick Me this year.


In addition to the hardcover book, an audio book is in production along with a coloring book that is available now.







worldwide experience.


Here’s the deal. If you buy the book from LeRue Press or LRP Printing, take a picture of yourself with one (or both) of these books, we’ll post it on our website and give you $3.00 as a thank you. One picture/refund per customer and proof of purchase AND picture will be required. Let’s get Go Girl Friday and Pick Me, Pick Me around the world!


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 LeRue Review

 Ten Schools to Receive a Copy of Pick Me, Pick Me

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Pick Me, Pick Me

by Elizabeth Horton

 Illustrated by Sean Kinsley

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Go Girl Friday & Pick Me, Pick Me Begin Their Tour

Around the World...Can You Help?

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Children of the Night

Release: 2007
Format:  Paperback

216 pages

ISBN: 9781425749958


Author: Peter J. Ponzio