Star Spangled Sparks was a great event! Our thanks to the Sparks Chamber of Commerce for their wonderful service and the opportunity to enjoy a great day in the sun and a chance to share our “wares” with the many Sparks residents that visit the event.


The food was great and the entertainment by local residents was fun to watch (in between manning our booth, of course).  We were able to sell a few used books and some Pick Me,
























Pick Me books also.


We talked about our limerick book last month. We are closer than every to releasing it for your enjoyment. We have authors from right here in Reno and two authors who live in the United Kingdom. It will be jam packed with as many names as we can fit. It’s funny and fun too! I had hoped we would receive a request from someone in Limerick, Ireland to do some limericks...but alas, no.


Our “History of” project is progressing. We have had quite a few submissions. Most recently, we’re getting history about places more than things. We’ll be adding The History of Klamath Falls by Kristin Pace. We also have an interesting history of Edgar Rice Burroughs by Jim Osborn, a Reno, NV resident.

Some of the top hits on our web page are the History of “The Musketeers” by Ted Anthony

Roberts . We get a lot of hits on The History of Mud too! Check it out if you get a chance.  If you have an item you think our readers would enjoy, submit it! It doesn’t have to be true (although it can be) creative.


As we get closer to the end of summer and the end of the year, we have reviewed our goals for 2008. One of our goals was to print and distribute The LeRue Review. We’re glad it is in print and we hope you enjoy it.


But as those who know us realize, we can’t stop here. We have seven writers in negotiations to expand our market to other areas across the country. Our ultimate goal is to have The LeRue Review in every state within the U.S,.


Lofty goal? Maybe. But we believe it is a win-win for everyone. If you know any writers that might be interested in participating in our venture, have them contact us.


We have had so many people help us make The LeRue Review a success. I wish I could thank them all. We have proprietors who have allowed The LeRue Review to be distributed in their stores. We have writers who go above and beyond to make sure we have great content; we have those whom we have just met who tell others about our magazine and help in the distribution. We cannot thank you enough. We appreciate the support and hope we provide a great product for everyone to enjoy.







































 Volume I Issue I

What’s Inside

LeRue Press News

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LeRue Press News and Events

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DC Paull, local Reno author, is hard at work on her next book in the series of “Go Girl Friday”.

Don’t miss this great story  and DC’s great sense of humor.

Karlyn Simone is working hard on the editing of her first fantasy novel scheduled to be released by LeRue Press later this year.

Karlyn attends high school in Reno, NV. Quite an achievement, Karlyn.

Michaela James  may have a blockbuster on her hands. LeRue Press is publishing her novel, “Your Heart Is Mine” and rumor has it, a Hollywood producer is looking at it for a possible TV movie. 

Tara Davis and Sean Kinsley will partner on Tara’s new children’s book scheduled for release this year. Sean, who illustrated “Pick Me, Pick Me, by Elizabeth Horton and published by LeRue Press in March of this year, agreed to take on the project. His great illustrations will be sure to wow you and enhance Tara’s already great children’s story!

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