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Success is such a fleeting thing. I have often read that to be a success, one must experience failure. Is that like not knowing good if there were never anything bad?  So when we released our introductory issue of The LeRue Review and we realized “success” because it was well received, does it have to have an offset at some point? I’d like to think we will continue to be successful and continue to grow.


Some of the comments we received included, “I didn’t realize it would be so many pages!” and “It was a good read.  It's even more impressive considering that it is the first issue.”


Our thanks to those who took the time to read, comment and if you’ll excuse the obvious pun “review” The LeRue Review.


We’ve added a movie reviewer in this issue. As

it turns out, another of our family members, (who just happens to be my daughter too) has joined the ranks. You will see right next to this column a sampling of her take on life!  She loves to go to movies and took the time to review Hancock on page 10.


We’ve heard a lot about the bad economy everywhere. We have had our fair share of tough times too but decided to continue to seek our own success and reach for our dreams!  Since we believe perception is reality, we are perceiving our dream to be a reality TODAY. If we pull back now, it only delays that reality.


One of the contributions we will continue to make whether it is a good or bad economy is the “dirt cheap” advertising rates we offer.


We see our future as “sunny and bright” no matter what. Though we anticipate inevitable clouds, we’ll always look for the silver lining around them. 




Janice Hermsen





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