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When “Clockwise” was sent in for review, it inspired our imagination. Though we see things differently, Lenore and I work together well. I took the picture and we collaborated to arrange the image in a creative fashion.  A true family project, the poetry was written by Lenore’s son.


Clockwise Verse:

    The passing and renewal of              the unspoken
    And its residue of early              moments lost
    Yet found again, in places              between events
    Perfectly patterned and              continually occurring


  © Joe Black 2007-2008

Volume I Issue I


 LeRue Review

Night Sounds   

Why this fear of the darkness?
Why the deepening dread?
The black night signals danger;
beneath, my soul seems dead.

The streets are still and empty;
the crickets chirp their song.
And yet, the fear's persisting;
What is this sense of wrong?

Sometimes the night is beauty;
at times the stars are bright.
But then, a noise.....imagined?
Perhaps - but it's not right.

Then dawn, and birds are singing;
the streets alive with sound.
The noise again.....imagined.
The fear? Nowhere around...

©1978-2008 Janis Fine


There are crossroads of a stranger--
in the path that darkness holds.
Hiding between the dreams of love
and faces that it molds.

Learning the fashion of time
with a different form of power;
reaching solely for the top.
Secured within an hour.

Power searches the globe of life;
seeking the heart of gold.
Imprisoning thoughts of endangered loves
through stories that are told.

Entering the world of crossroads
where the soldier learns to die.
Where people see our meaning
through a baby's new born cry.

© 2006-2008 Joe Black

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Hiking the High (and lonesome)
Paiute Trail

Walking stick high
Across my shoulder
Moving up off
The valley floor
Into the cool, breezy
Mountain air
Head down
Climbing, climbing
Reaching for

Grab a boulder
Figure moves
Oh so slowly,
She comes
Face smothered
With wrinkles
Lips flaccid
Hair like
The billowing

A Paiute
Stone faced
Evil sparkle in
Her eyes

Silent words
“What gives?
What gives here?”

she shouts,
“You’re older than me!”

Laughter meets
crashing, bouncing
off the canyon walls

© 2007-2008 Bill

Two Worlds

One white
One black
No difference in change
Only different

A vision of sympathy
For one

A vision of power
For another

But still a dream
A dream of love?
A dream of happiness?
Only a dream

For one to see
Is great
But for two

© 2006-2008 Joe Black

Feather-Light (Now Spring)

Remember winter?

I was strong then,
Yet my ire dissipated in the turning of a moon
Once bold and brash,
I pummeled fortress –
Took slate from roof –
Scared sleepless bairns with grisly growl,
Then scorned the ides in my fury

Still... this 'has been'
Has been a much-maligned impostor –
A disruptive child,
Out of control
Now tamed by season's change

I am but a breeze
That tickles the hem of a maiden's skirt -
Cajoling young men's fantasies
I gently brush the bower -
To cast swirling patterns of light and shade
On Mother Earth's great sprawl

I growl no more
My tune a sweet child's lullaby
Harmonious with the whole
I am feather-light…
Now Spring
© 2007-2008 John McGuire