Give God the Glory! Your Role in
Your Family
Kevin Wayne Johnson

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The Cane, "More than just a crutch"
Canemasters Exercise Manual
Vinciguerra, Ruberto, House, Shuey, Sr 

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The Cane, Beginning and Intermediate Levels Self Defense

Shuey, Sr, Vinciguerra, Kelly  



Spiral bound 8 1/2"x11" manual

200 pages
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Book Reviews

 Volume I Issue I

Text Box: Celebration!
The road is long, and many times I’ve trespassed
unintentionally along another’s path.
So I have had to turn and twist and sometimes wander
through forests filled with many unknown traps.

I’ve found a road now lined with trees and flowers.
I have no need to worry, fret or fear.
I have a certainty in life that gives me wonder…
I have direction, confidence and cheer.

It took a lifetime (so it seems) to reach my destination;
And now that I am finally done…
I find it’s not the end I have discovered
But just the start of so much more to come.

©1998-2008 Janis Fine

Go Girl Friday

By D.C. Paull

©2008 D.C. Paull


Damnata Memoria © 2008 Pariaus

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The Medallion

Xiomara Suro






XFM Enterprises


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ISBN: 1-60474-060-4


 LeRue Review

Our Choice for Night Prowler

combined with Celebration














Pick Me, Pick Me

Elizabeth Horton

Illustrated by Sean Kinsley

Coloring Book:  $3.95
Full Color Hard Cover Book: $16.95

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Publisher: LeRue Press


   ©2008 LeRue Press
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ISBN: 978-0-9705902-4-6Publisher: Writing for the Lord Ministries
Dimensions:5.5 x 6.5, 56 pages
©2006 Kevin Wayne Johnson