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Cleveland W. Gibson

 Volume I Issue I

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Darwin Green attended Arizona
 State  University and lived  in Santa Barbara, CA  before starting a career in  the  entertainment  industry. 

He currently has several screenplays  written. One of them,
 a short film, is being  produced in Morocco.
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Love of My Life

We discovered together
That the world is round
while playing in the white sands
Of our convalescence.

Thursday nights are good for one thing:
To sip on the ether
Of our longing
Together, we speak.

Tied in bunches
We walk to the moon,
Our souls handed out on corners
In small villages.

Inherited and polished,
Her face turns toward mine.
With every touch we speak
Of the things we cannot say.

Bled on the banks
Of the river beside us
We give praise
To the fire that brought us here.

And who'd have thought
It was us that they meant.
We just came here
To laugh at the ocean.

It came to us at last.
Driving down the highway
We saw it in the sunset.
Our desire awakens.

© 2007 Darwin Green

Only Tonight

There is only tonight, after the event,
when I sit in the gloom, energy spent,
thoughts drift away; I can't see your eyes, the bleeps: a sound, louder than sighs.

The room so dark, as hospital's chill
to the trauma from a misguided will.
I've guilt on my mind; I meant to do more.
No answer is right but who can be sure?

I fondle, I cherish your favourite gold chain, already so sad you'll never wear it again. Come morning's first light as you slip away. Darling, I'm down, dreading the day.

© 2006
Cleveland W. Gibson

 LeRue Review

What's In a Name?

 A couple in Maine, so goes the tale
 Had babies three and each one a male.
 But, dismayed and upset
 They resolved to beget
 A daughter and prayed not to fail.
 "We will honor both Nanas," they'd say.
 Nine months later arrived, "Elsie Mae."
 The poor babe had no voice
 To protest such a choice
 But her wails could be heard miles away.
 It seems Borden's was pleased, so we heard,
 A fine 'Elsie' they had in their herd,
 They promoted the name
 Into nation-wide fame
 So well-known it became a catch- word.
 The girl child rebelled, so it's said
 And each Borden commercial she'd shred.
 Small wonder the lass
 Wept, "it's crass and not class!"
 And dubbed herself, L.C, instead.

© 2007 Elsie O'Day

Cleveland W. Gibson is an
 author and  poet. His  first
 published book was
 Moondust. The fiction he
 writes has been published
 in many countries, ranging
 from the dramatic narrative
 (horror for adults) to 
 stories for children. His
 second book Billabongo, a
 Young Adult novel is
 dynamic, creative, and
 aimed to thrill. A trained
 Lifeguard, he has also
 been a road race director
 for over ten years in the
 UK. Apart from travelling
 and spending time with his
 family, he writes short
 stories and now poems.
 Recently he's entertained
 local audiences by reading
 his work. Check out
 Tonight" in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

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Elsie O'Day
Elsie O'Day lives in the Northeastern corner of Maine close to the Canadian border. She has raised four children. For several years she was a Nationally Registered EMT, working on and driving ambulance. In addition, she was a Specialized foster parent for well over eleven years. Added to that, Elsie was closely involved with community affairs and is still, though retired, very active in all ways. Her hobbies are children, writing short stories, flash fiction and poetry. Her poem,
"What's In A Name" is available in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

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