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So what do I do?  I just received my black and white tri fold from the DMV and I do not know what to do.  Who do I call?  Who do I believe when I do call or should I wait until I get my next notification? DMV and the Nevada Highway Patrol will tell you that you have no insurance. It’s your insurance company’s fault.


This is all very common. The DMV and the Nevada Highway Patrol are telling the people that they do not have  insurance or their registration has been pulled because their insurance company did not insure them.


Okay, grab the gun, get a rope we are going to hang the first insurance agent we meet  because

These cards then go to your insurance company for verification. Your company will verify your insurance as requested. What you don’t know is, more times than not, the DMV misses your verification and does nothing about it.


They do not care if they miss your verification. They do not care about the registration suspension or the license being removed from your car.  ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THE MONEY!  When you call to find out what happened because you now have received another card in the mail telling you your registration is suspended,  they will say again, “Your insurance agent did not verify your insurance and you have so many days to get this done.”


The frustration is tremendous and it is very unfair to the insured and

the insurance agent. The last thing your insurance agent wants is a problem with the DMV. 


Let your insurance agent know as soon as the first letter arrives  Better yet, take the letter to your agent and he or she will help you fill in the correct blanks.  Then if the next notice comes, tell your agent and give them the dates the DMV is looking for so they can get the coverages verified as soon as possible.  This will prevent the frustration. The agent will call their people and get this verified for you.  Do it as soon as you get notified, not when the time runs out and you lose your license plates or suspend your registration.


By Doug Penrod

Penrod Insurance Agency

Reno, NV




we are sick of what the  insurance companies are doing to us again.  It must be the insurance company’s fault; that is what the DMV is telling us.


The fact is, we as insurance professionals are baffled by the DMV and their attitude toward insurance.  Nine times out of ten the DMV did get notification and did not enter it properly into their data base.


Here is the DMV drill. When you receive your black and white tri fold from DMV, do not throw it in the garbage. This is a common mistake. The next notice is for $250.00 dollars of your hard earned money. 


On the top right hand corner of the first fold there is a  place to put the name of your Insurance Company and the policy number. Fill this in and put it in the mail.