Text Box: Hancock
Directed by:  Peter Berg

Rated:  PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and language.

Based on the MPAA Rating, courtesy of Internet Movie Database, www.imdb.com

Release Date:  July 2, 2008

No stranger to Independence Day, Will Smith proves himself again as master and “Super Hero” of this summer premier weekend.  And like all his past successes, he is not alone in the spotlight.  Charlize Therone, Text Box: Jason Bateman, and Jae Head, (who makes his big screen debut), have no trouble holding their own alongside this summer superstar.    

Pairing up with this supportive, comedic, warm-hearted, cast to offset his obvious “rough-around-the-edges” demeanor, the character, Hancock (Will Smith), is well played and quite a change from Smith’s typical leading role persona.

Without spoiling too much, this is obviously not your everyday super hero blockbuster – and not for the reasons you are thinking!  
Hancock is an alcoholic, short 
Text Box: tempered, super human with a less than nasty disposition.  Within the first few scenes you learn quickly why the people of Los Angeles are getting fed up with Hancock’s costly and destructive so-called heroics – Enter Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), who was fortunate enough to have his life “saved” by Hancock; and the thanks he gets?  He’s crazy enough to ask to be Hancock’s PR rep.  
Overall, there were unexpected turns, witty screen writing, and TONS of entertaining action sequences.  I recommend catching this movie now if it’s still in theatres, and as soon as 
it hits the DVD rack, 
Text Box: Movie Review-Hancock	Reviewed by Jennifer Van Dresar
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Volume I Issue I

get one for yourselves!

On a side note, a personal bad habit of mine is fast forwarding the movie in my head to see what will happen with plotlines, back stories, and character development.

 The fact that my prediction was wrong about 75% of the time with all three proves that I can either stop now with my ridiculously addictive movie-watching career, or that the screen writers actually put some serious effort into this script.




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website www.yiddish

theater.net to learn more about the Yiddish Theater.


Authors Note: This started out as a review of a wonderful, touching “Love Story” about the Yiddish Theater.  Not to take away from the theme, I will digress for a moment.  This was one of the many offerings from “Artown” 2008.  How many of this type of entertainment have we missed by taking for granted that “next year” I will enjoy and support the arts!  Artown is a rare time  when we can “see, hear, and feel” such a tremendous amount of talent brought to our community each year.  TRULY, Next Year I for one will take in more of these events! 




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