Text Box: Text Box: All’s Well That Ends Follow up
By Steve Baker
Text Box: Taken on top of Shiva Temple, this replicates the "raising of the burlap" that was in the 1937 photo and pictured on the right.  Left to right: Matthew Baker, Stephen Baker, Tom Martin, Jim Ohlman.  Notice the skies getting grey in the background; a sign of things to come!  The glee expressed on our faces was soon to pass.  Of the total of 10 who started the assault on Shiva, 5 made it to the top.  Also framed by the tree and "flag pole" is Isis Temple; another of the more famous geological formations in the Grand Canyon.   We were able to approximate the original photo by using Isis as a way-point.  

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Volume I Issue I

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1937 photo: Ruth Stevens Baker, Steve’s mother (second from right)

movie title as All’s Well That Ends Well. Although we appreciate the cliché’, the correct working title is “All’s Well That Ends”.







Left to right: Matthew Baker, Stephen Baker, Tom Martin, Jim  Ohlman