Genre: Memoir

Title:  A Full House – But Empty

Author: Angus Munro


Angus Munro is a fascinating man. He has a soft
heart, an analytical mind, a good sense of  humor
and the business acumen of a Harvard business
graduate. This says a lot for a man who keeps
claiming to be a grade school dropout. There is definitely a message in Munro’s memoir, one that could benefit business people and, more particularly, people in hospital administration. Indeed, Munro’s book would be an excellent reading requirement for anyone pursuing a degree in the health care field.


A Full House – But Empty is a vivid account of one man’s journey through a life that witnessed pain, sorrow and the basic struggles to achieve and maintain one’s sense of pride and purpose against all odds. Angus was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He claims his sense of self-worth was first shattered at the tender age of three, when his mother abandoned the family (or was thrown out by the father). Growing up in the Depression years, with a single parent (his father), Munro is riddled with emotions that range from disillusionment to anger as he confronts a daily battle with his insecurities and feelings of inadequacies. But, despite what he claims as a meager background, Angus rises above his unusual upbringing to become a well mannered, dedicated and very respected administrator in the field of health care. Even the Harvard graduates could not measure up to this mere grade school dropout.

Munro is a true storyteller and his anecdotes are presented with both


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A Full House But Empty             Reviewed by Emily Jane Hills Orford 

Genre: Inspiration

Title:   Law of Attraction Handbook

Author: Aiman A. Al-Maimani


Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes
over and over? Does life seem to keep
dealing you the same hand every time? 
You can change this. You have the power.


Step one is to buy a copy of Law of
Attraction Handbook. Step two is to read it
and apply all that the author teaches you.
You can have the life you want.


Aiman Al-Maimani is a self-made success story. He has used the “Laws of Attraction” in his own life to bring him prosperity and happiness. He will teach you how visualization and affirmation will bring what you want into your life. You will learn how to stop attracting what you don’t want and how to start attracting only what you do to your life.


Well written, easy to read and filled with enlightening and educational insight, this is a book for everyone. Those that have read other Law of Attraction gurus such as Jack Canfield, Esther Hicks or Norman Vincent Peale, will agree that this book holds its own. It becomes a concise yet complete handbook that readers will turn to time and again.

Author Aiman Al-Mainami earned a bachelor’s degree in

humor and sincerity that clearly reflects the man behind the story. He is a well-educated man, despite what he continually claims. As in the business world, Munro presents himself well in the printed word. Munro is a retired hospital administrator who once claimed Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as his home. He is a product of the environment of his childhood and the hard-working acumen and caring nature that his father both demonstrated and dictated to his family. Munro is a man of his times and, yet, in his simple, caring nature, he is somewhat beyond the times in that he displays a compassion for both work and life, a sentiment that has sadly gone astray in more recent times with the growing state of mass consumerism and self-aggrandizement.


A Full House – But Empty is a refreshing read, full of good tips for both business management personnel and sound advice for the general public. It is highly recommended by: Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Allbooks Reviews.


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Title: A Full House – But Empty

Author: Angus Munro

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 978-0-595-43719-1


Pages: 249 pages

Price: $20.95 US




mathematics and electrical engineering from King Fahd University. He had written previous works including How to Attract Wealth, Health, Love and Luck into Your Life Immediately.



Highly recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.





Title: Law of Attraction Handbook

Author: Aiman A. Al-Mainami

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 978-0-595-42974-5
Price: $12.95
July 2008




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