subjects”.  The worst part is that the test subjects are children!! 

What are we willing to give up when we are told the very existence of the human race hangs in the balance?  I could go into more of the story line, but this is an adventurous road you need to travel on your own.  This story is only Part 1 of what I understand is a trilogy.  I can’t wait to get to the next epic and I know you will feel the same way once you’ve read this wonderful piece.


Title: The Future Happens Twice: The Perennial Project

Author: Matt Browne

Publisher:  Athena Press Publishing, London

ISBN: 978-1844018307
Pages: 732
Price: $ 23.95













Drawing from her personal life experience as a U. S. Army veteran and avid scuba diver, she employs her knowledge to detail life upon the sea and beneath its depths.

The fictional town of Verde Key Florida comes alive with Hudson's vivid descriptions even as her characters perish. She wasted no time setting up her story, as someone is found dead in the very first sentence. Before long there are four dead bodies and detective Bev Henderson ceremoniously begins her unrelenting quest of trying to solve the mystery behind the four seemingly unrelated deaths. From Boston to Chicago, LA


 Volume I Issue I

Text Box:  Shades of Gold	Reviewed by Yvonne Perry
Text Box: Page 5

                    BOOK REVIEWS

to Miami, Bev leaves no stone unturned. She elicits the help of her friend Chris Green, dive instructor and owner of a local dive shop, who incidentally was hired to give lessons to a Hollywood star. Yes, Hollywood has come to town. Some consider it an invasion while others will prosper from the big spenders. But just as in real life some behind the scene characters are not always as they seem.

From the wife-beater found with a butcher knife in his chest, to the town eccentric that apparently drowned in the mangrove islets, to the Hollywood film crew special effects member shot dead in the dive shop, to the estranged ex-convict husband tragically taken out by a police marksman, the action is non-stop. What erupted in the quaint little vacation town? A story from the past, ghost wandering the out islands, a Hollywood movie on location, secret night dives, romantic and lustful interludes, all intertwine to reveal one most unexpected tale of fortunes lost and fortunes found.

This is the third book in the "Shade" series and has a delightful tone that blends well with the first two-Shades of Truth and Shades of Murder-while working well as a stand-alone book. I am looking forward to a recorded personal interview with this author on Writers in the Sky Podcast February 29, 2008.

Author: Charlie Hudson
ISBN: 978-1-4327-1440-6
Publisher: Outskirts
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 267
Price: US $12.95/CAN $13.95




Genre: Science Fiction (or is it??)

Title:  The Future Happens Twice:  The Perennial Project

Author:  Matt Browne     


If you are looking for a light literary snack,
save this story for later, when you are really
hungry.  This is nothing less than a 3-course
meal of excitement.  Read the prologue, read
the back cover.  Don’t be deceived into thinking
this is ordinary in any sense of the word.  The main character, Debrya Handsen is cast as an extremely intelligent woman, driven by science, with a common sense of the world.  I would say she is the main character; however everyone in this book has a very complete story of their own.  No one is left unattended, at least not for very long.


Debrya is a professor of linguistics at the University of Minnesota.  She is drawn by money and curiosity to leave her position and join a project that is located in Nevada.  It is sponsored by the government.  Once she arrives at the project, she finds out just how deep it is and what it involves.  She has to battle her own ethics to remain there.  The project involves orchestrating the very lives of the “test

The Future Happens Twice     Reviewed by Scott Ades

 LeRue Review

For more science fiction, go to page 13 for the first in a four part series about the appeal of science fiction by Peter Ponzio. 

Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Title Shades of Gold
Author: Charlie Hudson

Murder mysteries are a dime a     dozen these days but Charlie Hudson's "Shades of Gold" combines many hues to produce an intriguing blend of colorful characters. In Hudson's latest work, she weaves a complex yet coherent and comprehensive tale.

Hudson's style is reminiscent of a "CSI" episode with many subplots. Her character development is


personable, describing not only their physical appearance, their vocations, and interpersonal relationships, but she allows you inside the character's head to see what makes them tick. All this could become very tedious but Hudson pulls it off with a cohesiveness of a consummate storyteller.