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"The History
of Project"

The History of Szudajski
Contributed by:
Ruby Szudajski
Resident of Nevada

What is the history of the name Szudajski?
(Pronounced Shoe-Dice-Key)

Years ago, when I met my husband, I 
discovered that some of his relatives spelled their name
differently than his family did. So I questioned his parents
about this. Well, I was told that when the family came to
the United States from Germany and Poland, the name
was spelled Schudiske. They settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
and the children went to school in a Polish school. This was
during the First World War (1914-1918) and the Germans
were not considered our friends.

The Sisters at the school decided that the name was 
"too German" and talked the family into changing the
name to a Polish spelling. Hence, "Szudajski" instead
of the German version, "Schudiske". As time went on, 
things changed, and the spelling of the name was not as
important, so some of the family members went back to
the German spelling, whereas others stayed with the Polish 
spelling of the name.

Confusion sets in when some of the relatives get 
together and although they are cousins, they don't have 
the same spelling for their last name.
The question now is, what's in a name?

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