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"The History
of Project"

The History of Robin Hood
Contributed by:
Ted Anthony Roberts

The greatest event of the Middle Ages was Robin Hood! He remains prominent in literature, poetry, and modern movies. In 1938, Errol Flynn, Hollywood actor extraordinaire, placed him on top, in The Adventures of Robin Hood - which remains, by far, the greatest of all Swashbuckling classics! Even though Errol made Robin known, he was not the first actor to portray him, nor indeed was he created for Errol. The legend has lasted since the early thirteenth century, when Mediaeval English folks made references to the ballads of Robin Hood. But whether this outlaw had actually lived or not, remains a mystery. The earliest account, dated about 1400 A.D., is entitled: "A little Gest of Robyn Hode."

The oldest stories place Robyn, not in Sherwood, but in a Forest located approximately 40 miles north, called Barnsdale; and Hode of the Gest is not within Richard I.ís reign, but Edward II., in the 1320's, and not the 1190ís.

If we are to believe the movie "Braveheart," from Mel Gibson, Edward I. was a rough ruler, who left his son, Edward II., a kingdom in slight revolt.

The Duke of Lancaster led a rebellious army, and was on his way to join Robert the Bruce in Scotland to fight against Edward II., but Edward heard! Sending an army to stop Lancaster, while the rebels were at Bourobridge, a great battle ensued, and Lancaster's army was defeated. Rebels, not wanting to be captured, ran into local forests for refuge, becoming outlaws.

Historian Joseph Hunter believed Robin may have been one of these rebels, who fled to Barnsdale. Edward, because of the rebellion, came on a peace mission, and the Gest says that after Edward forgave him, Robyn joined him. Incredibly, Hunter found several references supporting this.

More on Robyn at: www.swashbucklingpress.com/tedanthonyroberts.htm

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