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"The History of Project"

The History of MUD
Contributed by:
J. Hermsen
Resident of Nevada

What is mud? It's not that wet, sticky,

soft earth, as on the banks of a river...as
described at dictionary.com. In 1979, Roy
Trubshaw and Richard Bartle at Essex
University in the UK created the first MUD.
MUD (or multi-user dungeon or dimension,
depending on who you talk to) as told by
Richard Bartle in his 1990 description of
early MUD history was developed for two
reasons: develop a multi-player game and
write an interpreter for a database
definition language. The original game was
licensed to CompuServe. It ran under the
name of “British Legends”. In 1999,
CompuServe closed British Legends. Many
players were heartbroken.

Today, there are thousands of MUD sites
where you can log on, create virtual 
characters, and role-play as a demon or a
warrior!  You can visit distant islands and
fantasy worlds, build cities and slay your
enemy. Chat with other users (sometimes
hundreds of them) while you define your
adventure and find your way there. All
with words!  

To learn more about MUD, go to any search engine and just type in the word MUD…  Enjoy your adventure (uh..MUDing, that is)!
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