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Feather-Light (Now Spring)

Remember winter?

I was strong then,
Yet my ire dissipated in the turning of a moon
Once bold and brash,
I pummeled fortress –
Took slate from roof –
Scared sleepless bairns with grisly growl,
Then scorned the ides in my fury

Still... this 'has been'
Has been a much-maligned impostor –
A disruptive child,
Out of control
Now tamed by season's change

I am but a breeze
That tickles the hem of a maiden's skirt -
Cajoling young men's fantasies
I gently brush the bower -
To cast swirling patterns of light and shade
On Mother Earth's great sprawl

I growl no more
My tune a sweet child's lullaby
Harmonious with the whole
I am feather-light…
Now Spring
© 2007 John McGuire    

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