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Illustrator & Author,
Sean Kinsley

Sean Kinsley was born in Reno, Nevada and currently resides there. He has been drawing since the second grade and in high school, was responsible for creating logos and shirts.

Sean was a host on a radio station for several months before switching to television. After high school, Sean had a public access TV show that ran for several years where he directed, acted and edited.

Moving on, he now provides art work for websites and is currently working on a novel and other various projects in addition to "Pick Me, Pick Me, a full color, hard cover children's book released in 2008 and Wicked Tides scheduled for release in 2010.

Contact Sean Kinsley


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  Author's Media Room
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If you would like to be included in the Author's Media Room, why not write for "The LeRue Review"?

If you don't have a book to promote, you can still be included. Go to Writers Wanted. If we choose you as one of our writers either for poetry, article writing, for our magazine & ezine, or we publish your book, your biography will be included here.

    Cleveland W. Gibson
 Cleveland W. Gibson is an
 author and  poet. His  first
 published book was
 Moondust. The fiction he
 writes has been published
 in many countries, ranging
 from the dramatic narrative
 (horror for adults) to 
 stories for children. His
 second book Billabongo, a
 Young Adult novel is
 dynamic, creative, and
 aimed to thrill. A trained
 Lifeguard, he has also
 been a road race director
 for over ten years in the
 UK. Apart from travelling
 and spending time with his
 family, he writes short
 stories and now poems.
 Recently he's entertained
 local audiences by
 his work. Check out "Only
 Tonight" in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

Contact Cleveland W. Gibson

       Photo Unavailable
            Janis F ine        
  Janis has been writing 
  poetry since she was a
  child. She has always 
  enjoyed writing rhymed
  Check out "Celebration
  and "Night Sounds"
  available now in the
  LeRue Press online

  Contact Janis Fine

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         DC Paull   

DC Paull grew up in the small town of Avalon, CA.  Avalon is just one square mile, and is located on Catalina Island in Southern California. Due to the tourist environment on Catalina, DC was able to enter the work force at the age of 11; she had a lot of retail and social experiences unusual for someone so young.

In 1990, she earned her B.A. in English and graduated Cum Laude. She has been in the banking industry for almost 16 years. She is  currently an AVP/Compliance and Bank Secrecy Act Officer at a community bank in Reno, Nevada.  Like her hometown, Reno is small town in feel although not in size. 

DC has been writing her entire life, and was fortunate to work on her college’s small paper. Along with various news articles and a short work of fiction appearing in the college paper, she had an article published in “Tea: A Magazine” in 1994. 

Her first novel, “Go Girl Friday”, was chosen by her publisher as a “novel of the week” and was featured on their website. She is at work on the second novel in her current “Girl Friday” series, has a third plotted out, and is developing a different series.  She would like to make writing a full time career, and is ready for the challenges that will accompany reaching her goals.

Contact DC Paull

         John McGuire
John Anthony McGuire has been writing prose and poetry for just over two
years. He's recently self-published his first novel, Mett Haar Rising – a
Sci-fi / fantasy tale of prophecy, set on a mysterious world inhabited by a pre-industrial civilization. His writing is the expression of his inner feelings. It voices his intense desire to eradicate manipulative greed and promote all that's fair and honest. Much of John's work uses multiple metaphors, as can be seen in his recent poem entitled Feather-light (Now Spring), available in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

Born in Liverpool in 1953, his interest in the Arts was clear to all who knew him. He
regularly walked the 3 or so miles from his home to the City centre of Liverpool.  His
favorite poets are Spike Milligan, Roger McGough and Edgar Alan Poe.

John is married and lives in Reading, Berkshire. He has a daughter aged 9
years who has been greatly influenced by her father's love of good story and is destined to be a future talent.

Contact John McGuire










     Elizabeth Horton

Elizabeth was motivated to try writing and publishing a children’s book by Oprah Winfrey.   When Oprah first started her book club, she introduced the book,  "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  This book encourages you to examine your passions, set goals, and set plans to achieve them.  One of my goals was to write a children’s book based on a student in my class.  2007 will bring this goal to completion.

You can order a copy of "Pick Me, Pick Me", Elizabeth's story of one of her very bright students struggle to get her attention.  An endearing story and a great "read to" book. Get your copy in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

Contact Elizabeth Horton

          Bill Robinson
Bill Robinson is retired from the Social Security Administration where much of his job entailed writing correspondence, procedural manuals, and special determinations to document decisions made on claims for benefits.

Since retirement, Bill has attended Cerro Coso Community College, taking classes in poetry and short story writing. He received his certificate of completion from Writer’s Digest Magazine’s school of fiction writing. Bill is now a member of the Bristlecone Writer’s Cooperative. The group meets twice a month to critique each others work, give support and share information.  In addition, for the last ten years, Bill has been a participant of, Frances Ford Coppola’s website devoted to workshopping prose, poetry and movie making.

Bill is now a part of the LeRue Press family. You can read and/or purchase his work "Hiking the High (and lonesome) Paiute Trail" in the LeRue Press online bookstore.

Contact Bill Robinson

       Sammie Ward
Sammie began writing in 1996. She always enjoyed reading romance novels so it was natural for her to begin writing them too. Sammie doesn't stop with novels. She has also published several health related articles and short stories.  

In June, 2006, Sammie Ward was recognized as the Literary Diva in Heather Covington's book and one of the Top 100 Admired African-American Women in Literature. She was recently named Best New Romance Writer of 2006 by the Disilgold Literary Network Association.

Her fourth novel, "It's In the Rhythm is available in the LeRue Press online bookstore. Watch for her other novels to be added to our store soon!   

Contact Sammie Ward at   


        Darwin Green
 Darwin Green was born
 on March 4, 1981 in Ojai,
 He attended Arizona
 State  University and lived
 in Santa Barbara,
 California  before starting
 a career in  the
 entertainment  industry. 
 Since then he  has
 worked on several
 feature films and several
 short films in post-
 production.  He currently
 has several screenplays
 written, and one of them,
 a short film, is being
 produced in Morocco.

 His poem, "Love of My
 Life" is available now in
 the LeRue Press online

Contact Darwin Green

  Ted Anthony Roberts
Twenty years experience in writing adventurous text, Ted Anthony Roberts is a modern writer with an Old Fashioned feel within his written wrods. Having the techniques of Alexandre Dumas, Rafael Sabatini and Sir Walter Scott in mind, Ted Anthony Roberts combines proven enthusiastic literature with experimental modern ideas.

Imagine the dexterity of The Three Musketeers, the derring-do of Robin Hood, the chivalry of Ivanhoe, the valor of King Arthur and sometimes the comic intrigues of Bob Hope, and you have a good idea of what the writing of Ted Anthony Roberts is all about.

   -Ted Anthony Roberts-
    Swashbuckling Author

Read Ted's History of Swashbuckling, Robin Hood and the Musketeers.


Coming Soon:

  Joe Black
  Read Crossroads and
Two Worlds.
  in the LeRue Press
  online bookstore.

Contact Joe Black




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