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 Authors listed below have been on eTour
Check out their books!

       Kevin Wayne Johnson  "Give God the Glory" series October, 2006 eTours
                   Buy any of the books in the series at the LeRue Press Bookstore   
         Barbara Custer        "Twilight Healer"     November, 2006 eTours

      Joan Robertson   "In the Winter of Her Season" November, 2006 eTours

       Yvonne Bridges   "Everybody Gets Tired"   November, 2006 eTours

       Kathy Marsh     The Aura of Love" Buy it today in the LeRue Press
                                             December, 2006 eTours

         Margie Gosa Shivers  "Once is Never Enough" December, 2006 eTours

         Kim Robinson   "The Roux in the Gumbo" December, 2006 eTours

       Electa Rome Parks  "Ladies Night Out"  January, 2007 eTours

       Dwan Abrams "Only True Love Waits" February, 2007 eTours

    Sammie Ward "It's In the Rhythm" February, 2007 eTours

        Cherlyn Michaels "First Fridays" February, 2007 eTours

        Carlene D. Heeter "Mama's Tears" March, 2007 eTours

        NeCee "Grooming Him For Her" April, 2007 eTours













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eTour stop #10
Margie Gosa-Shivers, author of, "Once Is Never Enough" If you had a whimper of a chance to win back the love of your life, would you grab it? Against all expectations, a Chicago homicide detective who's ready to move for a career with the FBI finds himself wrestling with the notion when he agrees to face danger once more to prove a suicide was really a homicide.

Author eTours, yet another great idea from Marguerite Press! Please visit the eTour sites listed above. Delores "Queen of Promotion" Thornton if you'd like to be on eTour! (eTour stop#1)