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Name of Book: A Squirrel Named Trucker
Author Name:
Heather Aldridge

Description of Book:

Owning and operating Nevada Truck Driving School with my husband has
brought me great joy in training as well as changing our students lives.
We help our students obtain their Class A CDL and Class B Passenger Endorsement.

During the many years of our business I have seen many critters out on our driving range. I have noticed one furry friend
 that has touched not only my heart but the hearts of the others I work with and the
 students we train. This little critter is a California Ground Squirrel named Trucker. Heather Aldrich


Name of Book : Chasing Gas Hills Yellowcake
Author Name:
Charles "Don" Snow

Description of Book:

In the 1940s and early 1950s, the great rush was on to find the mother lode. The federal government offered a
bonus reward of $10,000 for finding ten tons of ore containing 10% uranium oxide. Was it gold?
NoÖbut Don Snow shares a history of the Gas Hills of Wyoming and the pioneers
 that developed new mining methods to explore and mine deposits  found in the area.

One prospector, Neil E. McNeice, spotted a rusty colored hill and decided to check it with his "counter" for any radiation. After
changing the batteries in his counter because it showed radiation on the entire hillside, McNeice
and the Lucky MC became a part of history

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Name of Book : I'm Not Missing Anything
Author Name:
Brett Eastburn

Description of Book : Brett Eastburn was born with no arms and no legs, but more importantly, he truly believes that he was also born
 with no handicaps! Brett believes you're a success only if you choose to be. He also believes you are handicapped only if you allow
 yourself to be. Brett considers his body a very special gift to be used to inspire others to be the best they can be!

He is energetic and enthusiastic and sure to inspire your staff or students as
 a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, or convocational speaker.
His presentation can be tailored to be affective to any group or organization of any size including
 motivational speeches, inspirational presentations, and comedy. (Clean comedy of course.)

Brett has spoken for corporate motivation events, corporate comedy/motivation events,
club comedy, high schools, junior highs, grades 2-6, churches, industry, military, police groups, and more.
Internationally acclaimed and respected motivational speaker that demonstrates his ability to overcome any obstacles.
Brett has spoken to over a million people around the world, including Okinawa, Japan, Panama, Canada, Switzerland, and Mexico.

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Author Name
: Matt Batman

Description of Book : POWERFUL AND BOLD is Matt Batman's debut poetry collection. It consists of 40 poems. If you were to look
 at Matt Batman while he was working in his cubicle, you might have thought he was absorbed in his work, thinking in symbols
 and weighing calculations. This is because people do not yet have the technology to just look at each other and read
 each other's minds. He was actually writing a bunch of weird poems about you and formatting them using HTML in a text file.

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Name of Book : YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS (an introduction to Numerology)
Author Name
: Michael John Fierro

Description of Book : YOU KNOW YOUR NAME introduces the reader to the ancient esoteric science of Numerology. Numerology is
 '...the interpretation of numbers' and is used to better understand yourself and others. This book presents the subject in an easy-to-follow
 format with each chapter devoted to a particular aspect of a chart. Also included (in what may be a first for a Numerology book)
 are charts for foreign language alphabets making it easier and more accurate for someone born in a country where English is not the native language.

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Name of Book: The Jaws of the Vortex
Author Name:
Joe Hunt

Description of Book : An abandoned insane asylum re-opens in Landmark, Oregon. It appears to be
 a haunted houseómore weird than scaryóbut turns out to be a portal into the Underworld.
The narrator, Ryan, dies halfway throughóbut itís a blessing in disguise, so he can enter Hell to rescue
 some others, already entangled in the wars and intrigues of the Six Kings of the Underworld.

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Name of Book: The Birthright Series
Author Name: Jacci Turner

Description of Book: High School students begin getting information from an unknown source.
The information seems to be leading them to rescue a person in trouble.
Where does the information come from? What are they to do with it?
 Only together can they rescue the one caught in: The Cage, The Bar and The Lamb.

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Name of Book:  Oh How I Love You
Author Name:
Not provided

Book Description:  A Childrens Book: A journal of a Mothers loss in divorce and her daughters separation from her parents.
Mother expresses her heart and soul to her daughter in this journal, discover the healing journey
of this mothers view as she thinks of her daughters heart .

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Name of Book: A Captive Heart
Author Name: Sherry Foley

Book Description: Uncovering corruption within his own department, FBI agent Ian Mulherin watches the
lines of justice blur  as he finds himself in the middle of greed, betrayal, and double-agents tied to the Mafia.
Realizing he is being framed, he must now protect Nicole, the innocent woman marked to be his victim, as feelings between
 the two of them begin to blossom. While the conspiracy tightens around Ian, he frantically races to clear his name,
 bring down the perpetrators, and protect the woman who has captured his heart.

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Name of Book:  The Cave of Demar 
Author Name:
Not provided

Book Description
: The first book in a thrilling saga involving, magic, dragons, and much much more!
Jonathan Ruskin is a regular teenage boy with regular teenage problems. That is until what was meant
to be a regular school trip turns his world upside down. Forever...

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Name of Book: BONES, Native Spirits
Author Name:
Jennie Moench

Book Description:  The heroine of this novel has synesthesia. What this means is that her senses are crossed. Renee Anderson can see sound.
She also has the ability to sense emotions from personal objects. In this book, BONES, the reader has the opportunity to see the spirit world
through the eyes of a sensitive, to understand the problems faced when everyday objects sometimes emit powerful emotion.
And, their bones cause them to materialize. During the construction of Renee and her husbands' new home the workers
discover a cache of bones. Using her sensitivity to objects, Renee, from their very bones, learns much about the lives of these three ancient people.
 Eventually, the emotions become solid figures, and so she begins a relationship with the Native Spirits. My objective with this book
is to expose the fact that all of us are different. Our brains are much too complicated for nature to produce a standard. Renee's, 'conditions',
 might be an abnormality, they could be a throwback, or maybe an evolution. I hope that by the end of this book, some of my readers
 will believe that she does see spirits while others will think her to be ill.
 But, everyone will give more thought to what is sane and how much it really matters

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Name of Book: Singing in the Saddle, The Life and Times of Yellowstone Chip
Author Name:
Nan Weber
Date: 17 Jan 2013 Time: 11:07:14 Remote User:

Book Description: This biography documents Yellowstone Chipís travels from his Illinois childhood home to the majesty of the Western United States.
 Within the book, tunes are introduced highlighting different portions of Chipís musical development. His lively journey encompasses music, cowboy life,
and, most of all, people. Backed with nostalgic photographs and written works
 by Chip, "Singing In The Saddle" engages you with a story of a true singing cowboy.

Facebook Page:

My web site:

Name of Book: Doorways to Significance: Finding Peace, Power, Passion
Author Name:
Pat Holland Conner

Book Description: Born in the South during the 1940s, an African-American girl with white skin was destined to live with secrets, shame and intolerance
from her family as well as the black and white community. She grew up feeling unworthy and desperate to belong.
When her three-year-old son wondered why she was white and the rest of the family black, she struggled with an answer.

At age 50, divorced and discouraged, she knew she had to make a change, a dramatic one, and she did what few have the
 courage to do. She joined the Peace Corps and traveled throughout Asia and the Middle East for seven years,
 an opportunity chock full of rich experiences and personal growth. To her amazement, she discovered she fit in everywhere.

In this book you will travel with the author to exotic parts of the world as she weaves her deeply moving
 stories of life in America and abroad with the humor and grace of the sojourner who opens doors to a more joy-filled life.

Name of Book: The Original Flint Project
Author Name
: Jennie Moench

Description of Book = The original Flint Project, printed in 2008, was an accident. It was my response to learning that we had again made it into the top
 three list of most violent cities in the U.S. Flint Project Vol. 2 is more thought out. In this book I try to create a kind of,
 Flint scrapbook. My goal is for the reader to get an accurate idea of what itís like to visit Flint, Michigan.
 There are three components: interviews, local art and poetry, and my own personal entries
 documenting my visits to Flint from July 2010 to March 2011.

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